Sunday, 24 June 2007

Will World Leaders Ever Learn

Bullets Whizz, guns roar,
let us see an end to war.

21 centuries the world can't see,
the one thing that occurs to me.

The cause of war, however noble,
Causes death, the damage global.

For all our science and technology,
Super-powers owe a big apology.

Spend more on weapons than on cures;
With wealth and power the devil lures.

One thing certain, thousands dying,
Those who could stop war, aren't trying.

Leaders aren't commendable --
Soldiers are expendable.

An acceptable cost for personal gain
Ends and starts all over again

Can we do anything, will it ever end
At least in time to let the damage mend

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Israelis and Palestinians

Palestinians and the Israelis.
Minions for the Israelis.
No minions -- the Palestinians,
And they can't change the way
The children play:
Under fear of bombing everyday.

And the rockets fly over the border.
Young Yitzhak works as a porter.
The Qassam fire killed his daughter.

But Yitzhak killed how many daughters?
Mandatory service firing mortars.

It could go on like this forever.
If neither side ever gets any better.

Children living death is planting a seed,
Meaning one thing is guaranteed:
Both peoples will continue to bleed.

By Liam Bailey